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Ground Mount Installation

Become your own utility.

For more information on Ground Mounts click  here !

For more information on Ground Mounts click here!

Ground Solar Installation

We look for the best deals on solar modules and inverters to give you the best deals possible for your ground solar array. We start with a phone call or email to see where you are at in your journey to go solar. In order to start giving you an initial quote we will obtain your utility bill and where you’re thinking of putting your array.

The utility bill will give us most of the information we need in order to start figuring out a system that works best for you. Please let us know if you plan to get an EV or any large appliances that would change your electrical consumption. Once we figure out your system the installation process will happen within a couple months of signing your contract.*

Ground mounts are different from roof mounts in price and in work. We will trench out to your ground mount and use more racking. This is a good option for you if you have a large, unshaded area in your back yard because we can tilt the panels at an optimal angle. Please check with your HOA if you are looking into a ground mount.

We specialize in 0% down loans to make solar accessible for all Michigan residents.

*Depends on if you have an HOA and your jurisdictions processing times.

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Get Your Money’s Worth

The investment you make in solar increases the value of your home substantially. Ground mounts are a great way to make the most of your solar since they can be set to the best angle possible.

+ Michigan Residents can claim a 30% Tax Credit for solar panels in 2019, and for 26% in 2020. Get yours today!


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